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10 Days Yoga Retreat Program

By Tarun Yogi, | Last Updated 2 Aug, 2022 | Est. 4 Read Time

10 days yoga retreat

10 Days Yoga Retreat

10 Days Yoga Retreat Program: You will get the opportunity to learn how to practice Yoga asanas primary series as well as Vipassana meditation during this 10 days yoga retreat program. It is held over a duration of 10 days and 9 Nights. 

Surya Namaskar, the most ancient way of energizing and praising oneself, will be introduced throughout this retreat. After completing Surya Kriya, this retreat will teach you how to fall into Yoga Nidra. Surya Namaskar provides physical and philosophical advantages for the mind and body in each pose.

An introduction to Raja yoga philosophy will be given, which is the eight-step ladder to obtaining the greatest form of wisdom,’ samadhi.’

This Vipassana meditation retreat in Rishikesh for ten days emotionally connects and enlightens us to the genuine reality of our existence. This retreat will include sitting and strolling meditation, daily yoga practice, as well as a yantra and mandala-making session. Natural amenities, peaceful accommodations, fresh cuisine, and a wealth of wildlife will leave you confused.

Both beginners and advanced students will be able to pursue the actual pathway of yoga and become one with nature at the heart. 10 Days Yoga Retreat is for individuals who are looking for a comprehensive approach to physical and emotional relaxation. The 10 Days Yoga Retreat Program in the Himalayas is an ideal setting for combining Yoga and Ayurveda.

“Yoga and Ayurveda are complementary in terms of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.” It’s the ideal time to unwind, revitalize, and re-establish contact with your inner soul.

Yoga is basically 60% practical and only 40% theoretical when it comes to experiencing it in a Spectral Realm. As a result, the only way to increase knowledge and intelligence in a very holy journey of the self, through the self, and back to the self is to practice.

These ten days of Vipassana meditation and mindful walks in the Holy River Ganga are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect deeply with our own hearts and mind, free of diffusion and interruption.

Many of the answers we desire might be found within us, in the depths of our observed and felt personalities. This 10 days yoga retreat program provides the opportunity to reconnect with the essence of what is healing and nurturing in each of us. Silence and stillness give us this gift.

Students will attend lessons for nine days and one day off. On this day of relaxation, almost all yoga schools generally offer a half-day trip for learners, which may include visits to some of the location’s spiritual places. The rest day is generally on Sunday considering it is the weekend but depending upon the surge in traffic and tourists, it could be shifted to some other day. Outing fees are included in the package only. 

Accommodations, sattvic meals, and outings are all included in the 10 Days Yoga Retreat package only. 

The 10 Days Yoga Retreat is suitable for beginners or newbies with at least some concepts and knowledge of yoga and meditation.

  • Folks who want a getaway from the hustle-bustle of city life and to rejuvenate their body and minds may also opt for this retreat. 
  • This course gives in-depth details about the sun salutation (Surya Namaskar) with the philosophy behind it, its proper practices, and its advantages.
  • If you are looking for a balanced life with Yogic Science and its wisdom, you may opt for this course. 
  • Any Registered Yoga Teacher with the will to learn more about Sun Salutations and wants to collect CE Certificate.

10 Days Yoga Retreat Course Curriculum

Pranayama: Regulating the breath and thereby calming the nerves is a requirement for controlling the mind and body.” The three forms of breathing discussed in this retreat are chest or lung, abdominal or belly breathing, and diaphragmatic breathing. 

Meditation:  Meditation is a word and a method that has been widely misunderstood, and there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what it is and how to do it. Meditation is merely being conscious of the movement of one’s breath while meditating in the inner world.

Joints: The actions of the joints and glands aren’t merely for warming up the body. Keeping your joints and glands active and healthy throughout your life is crucial. This retreat will present a new way of doing joints and glands that are done in coordinated synergy with the breath’s movement and in a nonstop free flow. It focuses one’s attention on the movement and how it affects the breathing and mind.

Surya Salutation: Surya Namaskar is an ancient practice of inner sun and moon worship and activation. The sun is a symbol of a form of energy within your yogic body, and Surya Namaskar has nothing to do with the exterior sun. This 10 days yoga retreat will walk you through the devotional, pouring, and spiritual aspects of Surya Namaskar, not simply the physical aspect.

Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra isn’t something that can be forced; it just happens. It is only possible to begin the process of entering yogic meditation. It’s a state in which you can have total relaxation and a little sleep while being completely awake. This 10 days yoga retreat will teach you how to attain breathlessness, following which you may begin yoga Nidra in the corpse pose.

Raja Yoga Philosophies: It teaches how to regulate one’s impulses, emotions, and ideas, as well as the subtle impressions that lay latent in the unconscious, by following it. The eight rings of the yoga ladder, which are carefully taught and presented, connect the individual to the celestial realm. Finally, the aspirant reaches the eighth level, known as samadhi.

Cleansing Practices:  This 10 days yoga retreat will also teach you how to cleanse your nose to remove excess mucus and bacteria, allowing your air to flow easily through both of your nostrils. Additional cleaning techniques, including as bowel movement and digestive breathing, will be taught, which are essential for a yogic lifestyle.

Benefits of 10 Days Yoga Retreat Program

  • It helps with stress reduction.
  • It helps control anxiety and stress.
  • It is very efficient for mental health disorders, and also encourages emotional health.
  • Makes your confident and enhances your self-worth and confidence.
  • It helps to improve your sleep pattern.
  • It makes you a better human and a kind person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is 10 days yoga retreat program?

    You will get the opportunity to learn how to practice yoga asanas primary series as well as Vipassana meditation during this 10 days yoga retreat program. It is held over a duration of 10 days and 9 Nights. 

  2. What is another name for a yoga retreat?

    The best sensible answer to this question is ASHRAM.

  3. What happens at a yoga retreat?

    A yoga retreat is a group of people who have come together to practice yoga in a social environment is known as a yoga retreat. These retreats can be daylong or multi-day vacations with a variety of activities grouped together. A yoga retreat is a fantastic way to connect with other people who have a similar passion for yoga.

  4. What types of retreats are there?

    Meditation retreats, Spa retreats, Yoga retreats, Digital detox retreats, Adventure retreats, Wellness retreats, and Spiritual retreats.

Tarun Yogi

Tarun Yogi

This post is made for an inspiration for everyone so that people get to know about the benefits of doing yoga.

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