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Super Brain Yoga and its Benefits

By Tarun Yogi, | Last Updated 13 Oct, 2022 | Est. 5 Read Time

what is super brain yoga

Super Brain Yoga

It seems like a new yoga style debuts every day. We now have a new form of yoga that encourages brain well-being. It’s referred to as super brain yoga.

As the name suggests, super brain yoga\1 exercises maintain your mind active and sharp, enabling you to get the most out of it. Isn’t it true that, in that case, practically all of life’s issues can be resolved? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

What exactly is Super Brain Yoga?

One form of yoga called “Super Brain Yoga” claims to enhance brain function. In addition, although appearing to be fresh, it is actually an old practice that has a new, contemporary name.

Super brain yoga, formerly known as Thoppukaranam, consists of a set of movements designed to stimulate the brain and activate brain cells. The procedure works by forcing energy from the top crown chakras and up through the lower chakras.

Your brain works more effectively and efficiently when you practice superbrain yoga exercises.

You may become wiser and more psychologically stable as a result. It is effective for hyperactive kids, teens, adults, autistic people, and ADD/ADHD patients.

You need to nourish and exercise your brain just as you would your muscles in the body. Adults pursuing cognitive well-being will find it ideal. It can help treat other developmental problems including impairments in cognitive function.

Your creativity and intelligence will improve if you do superbrain yoga exercises correctly, which releases imprisoned energy in your lower body and helps it ascend to your mind.

How to do Super Brain Yoga?

The super brain yoga pose is ideal for all levels and is simple to learn. The brain is strengthened and restored through acupressure and breathing techniques. To begin practicing superbrain yoga exercises, take the following actions:

Steps to do Super Brain Yoga
  • Take off any jewelry and constrictive attire. Rolling your shoulders back will help you stand tall.
  • Link your tongue to your mouth’s roof.
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to cinch your earlobes. Left ear using the right hand, and vice versa.
  • Place your feet hip-width apart as you stand. Deeply inhale before lowering yourself into a squat.
  • As you raise yourself again, exhale.
  • For two to three minutes, or 15 to 20 times, repeat this process.
  • You can practice superbrain yoga exercises at any time of day. But when done in the morning, the benefits of a clearer mind and relaxation can be felt all day long.

The result of Super Brain Yoga

The overall process may appear too easy for you to believe that it might alter anything inside of you, but if you continue, you will soon witness a noticeable improvement in your ability to focus.

Within the first three months of your practice, you will start to witness substantial changes, and after seven months, you will notice an improvement in your cognitive capacities. For kids, there will be a 20–35% cognitive enhancement.

Benefits of Super Brain Yoga

Superbrain yoga pose has been found to improve working memory and selective attention, according to a prior study. It is said to provide gains in thinking, cognition, productivity, and brain efficiency with regular practice. How super brain yoga improves your brain is as follows:

Super Brain Yoga Benefits
  • Your brain is energized and activated as a result of Super Brain Yoga’s ability to coordinate alpha brain waves.
  • It lessens stress and enhances psychological well-being.
  • Your brain is made more open and responsive by the technique, which improves your mental agility and creativity.
  • Your brain can work properly thanks to Super Brain Yoga.
  • People with ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, depression, dementia, and brain fog experience better health because of it.
  • The technique is incredibly effective with older adults, greatly enhancing their memory for daily tasks like retrieving keys.
  • Super Brain Yoga pose enhances relaxation and inner peace while encouraging mental clarity. Additionally, it helps you keep good health and control your hunger.
  • Your mind, body, and breath are in harmony when you routinely practice yoga and hold the pose while taking deep breaths. The hippocampus and prefrontal cortex are activated, and the gray matter density is stimulated.
  • This style of yoga helps you become happier and healthier on the inside. Your perspective on life and how you approach tasks are dramatically altered.

Tips for practicing Super Brain Yoga

When practicing Superbrain Yoga exercises or giving it a shot for the first time, keep the following suggestions in mind:

Super Brain Yoga Tips
  • Your posture has a significant impact. Make sure your body, spine, and neck are upright, and that your back and shoulders are straight. Your shoulders must open up, and your feet must remain flat on the ground. You won’t be able to benefit fully from this workout if your posture is poor.
  • Your body’s relaxation reaction is actually triggered when your tongue is pressed firmly against the roof of your mouth. As a result, you are more attentive when completing the position.
  • You should practice posture in a room that is peaceful, well-lit, and free of distractions. This is due to the fact that it will take some practice to perfect the form and position, and you don’t want to be bothered while you’re practicing it. To feel more at ease and centered, you can perform this position in your backyard or any peaceful outdoor area with a lawn.
  • Do not wear jewelry, trendy accessories, or constrictive apparel. These would obstruct you and be a distraction. Before beginning, this activity, make sure you’re hydrated and wearing loose, comfortable clothing.
  • There are no studies with supporting data that assert Superbrain yoga will alter your brain or produce outcomes right away. It takes time for the results to manifest. If your child performs this activity on a regular basis, you’ll notice an increase in her recall power and attention span.


So, if you practice Super Brain Yoga regularly, you will succeed. It is really easy and doesn’t need any gadgets or props. Start working on it right away to start seeing benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is Super Brain Yoga effective?

    It is great for those who are exploring brain health. If you do Super Brain Yoga correctly, it can enhance your intelligence and creativity by assisting the blocked energy in your lower body to rise to the brain. Superbrain yoga exercises are most beneficial when performed in the morning.

  2. What is the use of super brain yoga?

    The following are some advantages of performing this kind of yoga: Connecting the left and right brains to increase creativity. Enhancing pranic energy to strengthen the immune system. Distributing energy levels to promote calmness and concentration.

  3. How long should I do super brain yoga?

    Gently inhale before dropping yourself into a squat. Exhale as you lift yourself again. For two to three minutes, or 15 to 20 times, repeat this process. You can perform super-brain yoga at any moment of the day.

  4. Who invented super brain yoga?

    Did you know that the moment we are born, our brains contain around 100 billion cells? It makes sense to take care of these wonderful and hard-working neurons. Superbrain Yoga was founded by a man by the name of “Choa Kok Sui”, who is also recognized for his ground-breaking research on the human energy field.

Tarun Yogi

Tarun Yogi

This post is made for an inspiration for everyone so that people get to know about the benefits of doing yoga.

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