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What is the Best Time to Practice Yoga

By Tarun Yogi, | Last Updated 20 Sep, 2022 | Est. 5 Read Time

best time to practice yoga

Best Time to Practice Yoga

Yoga can be done at any time, day or night. Since every person has a unique lifestyle, you can do it whenever you have the time, whether in the morning or the evening. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You can choose a best time to practice yoga by taking the same into consideration.

You can benefit from yoga on all levels of health: physical, intellectual, and spiritual. However, it is best to practice yoga at the proper time of day to get the most out of it. But when is it appropriate? What time of day is it?

According to the majority of yoga schools, best time to practice yoga at sunrise is ideal. But if you stay up late or just don’t feel inclined to work out in the morning, this could not apply to you.

Simply put, the best time to practice yoga is when it is most convenient for you. You must develop a regimen that fits your lifestyle and accommodates your schedule because the key to reaping all of yoga’s many advantages is regular practice over time (and ideally for a very long time). As your life evolves, this can alter over time.

Finding a consistent habit is more important than doing yoga at different times and on different days of the week. Instead than attempting to fit yoga around your schedule, let yoga fit into your calendar.

Benefits of Morning Yoga

Yoga asanas should be practiced as early in the day as possible, preferably before the sun rises, according to several yoga traditions, such as the Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga method. The majority of Mysore-style classes are offered at this time, and many Ashtanga yoga home practitioners follow this schedule.

Yoga in the morning is the best time to practice yoga and can help you start the day off well by boosting your energy and clarity and establishing a positive attitude. It can be simpler to maintain a regular morning practice since many people have morning routines that are more controlled or consistent.

Additionally, a lot of people discover that they are more energetic for exercising in the morning as opposed to after a long day. In order to prevent cramps or indigestion, some persons might also choose to practice yoga on an empty stomach.

Mornings are best for energetic practices to keep you up and motivated. Try energizing yoga asanas like wheel position (urdhva dhanurasana), or inversions like headstand (sirsasana) or handstand in vinyasa flow courses that include rounds of sun salutations (surya namaskar) (adho mukha vrikshasana).

Benefits of Afternoon Yoga

Yoga in the late afternoon before supper might help you unwind after a
hectic morning and stimulate your appetite for dinner. Be sure to wait at least
two to three hours after eating if you desire to practice between meals.

Additionally, as opposed to first thing in the morning, when you might feel
rigid, your muscles might be more loosened up later in the day. Later in the
day, when your muscles are less tense, you may be able to focus a little more
on increasing your flexibility.

Get the best of both worlds by doing yoga in the afternoon. It’s a good time
for a demanding, rigorous practice if this is the period when you feel more
energetic. But it might also be more therapeutic if you need to unwind at the
end of your workday.

Benefits of Yoga in Evening

It makes one feel refreshed and tranquil in the evening by removing the
fatigue from the day’s exertions. The best
time to practice yoga
inĀ evening is when you need some rest after a
long day at work.

An evening yoga program can help you unwind by reducing stress and
encouraging relaxation. Therefore, practicing yoga in the evening can be a
calming bedtime routine that aids in getting ready for sleep.

To release tension and obtain a good night’s sleep, try calming postures
like the standing wide-legged forward fold (prasarita padottanasana), the
garland pose (malasana), the goddess pose (supta buddha konasana), the seated
spinal twist (ardha matsyendrasana), or the happy baby pose (ananda balasana).

Most yoga studios offer courses all day long, including early morning programs for early risers, brief lunchtime flows, and evening classes for the post-work crowd at 6:00 p.m. Numerous online yoga courses are also offered on-demand, allowing you to fit them into your schedule whenever it suits you.

See how various positions feel at various times of the day to identify the best time to practice yoga for you. You might discover that while you’re tighter in the mornings, you have more energy. You might feel more flexible in the evenings, but you’re also more worn out. In the end, it will depend on your unique preferences.

If you’re trying to start a home practice, choosing the proper time of day is especially crucial. For those who work standard business hours, the morning or the evening is frequently the most convenient. A morning ritual might assist you in easing into your day and getting off to a good start. An evening practice can relieve stress and make you feel more relaxed.


You can decide when you wish to practice yoga. Keep your mind at ease and tranquil whenever you decide to do it. Try to focus in a peaceful location. The only time one should avoid practicing yoga is right after eating. After eating, take a minimum of two hours to rest before exercising.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best time for doing yoga?

Iyengar suggests practicing yoga in the morning or in the evening, observing that each has benefits. “Practice in the morning improves one’s performance in their area of work. In the evening it removes the tiredness from the day’s hardships and makes one feel refreshed and peaceful.

Should yoga be done empty stomach?

Avoid doing yoga right after eating. Wait till 2 to 3 hours following a heavy meal. After doing yoga, wait for 30 minutes before taking a shower, drinking water, or eating. One should avoid doing yoga during illness, recovering from surgery, or if they have any sprains or fractures.

How long should you do yoga daily?

In general, doing yoga for an hour three time per week is wonderful; nevertheless, it should be underlined that practicing yoga daily is ideal. It is usually preferable to practice yoga for 20 minutes everyday if you can, rather than missing your practice and then practicing for an hour.

What are 5 main benefits of yoga?

The 5 main benefits of yoga are: It increases your flexibility, It helps you to build strength, It improves your posture, It reduces stress, and it lowers blood pressure etc.
Tarun Yogi

Tarun Yogi

This post is made for an inspiration for everyone so that people get to know about the benefits of doing yoga.

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